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RUICO New Material Co., Ltd. is located in Huzhou city, South Bank of Taihu. Huzhou is in the central area of the Yangtze River Delta region, it is the common hinterland of the three major cities of Shanghai, Hangzhou and Nanjing, 75 kilometers from Hangzhou, 130 kilometers from Shanghai and 220 kilometers from Nanjing.

RUICO is founded in 2012, covers an area of about 27000 square meters. We are one of the leading companies, specialized in development and production of flame retardants, chemical auxiliaries, functional coating for textiles, acrylic emulsion, waterborne polyurethane, and anhydrous salt-free dyeing .

We have strong technical force to provide customers with specific solutions to customize the most suitable products and services.

The company has established a Provincial Research Institute of ruigao advanced flame retardant technology. The research institute has an area of 3500 square meters of R & D office space, including 8 departments: office, product testing center, process technology research department, scientific research information analysis department, patent department and scientific and technological achievement transformation department. The director of the research institute appointed by the company is responsible for the overall work of the Research Institute, and several deputy directors assist the director in charge of various departments of the Research Institute. In order to support the research and development of new products and technologies, the company specially equipped the research institute with relevant scientific research facilities and equipment, including French M1 tester, fmvss302 tester, German B1, oxygen index tester, BS5852 tester, thermal radiation flux tester, gas chromatograph, DSC, TGA, horizontal grinder, weak solvent inkjet printer, water-based ink inkjet printer, Karl Fischer moisture tester, tensile machine, laser particle sizer Ultraviolet and visible spectrophotometer, high and low temperature cycle alternating instrument, ultraviolet aging instrument, etc. the equipment is internationally advanced or domestic leading level in the same industry, with a total value of 10 million yuan. The R & D, trial production and testing equipment invested by the Research Institute of the company has reached the advanced level of the industry in terms of processing accuracy and automation, which ensures the needs of the research institute to develop new products, new technologies and new processes, and the analysis, design and inspection of various new products and technologies of our company.

French M1 tester

Particle size analyzer

TGA tester

DSC tester

Laser particle sizer

Ultraviolet aging instrument

High and low temperature cyclic alternating instrument

Gas chromatograph

The R & D team of the Institute has a R & D and innovation team of more than 30 people, including 8 high-level talents such as doctors and deputy high school, 56 valid authorized patents, including 34 authorized invention patents, 4 provincial registration certificates of scientific and technological achievements, and a leading innovation team of "South Taihu Lake Elite Program". In 2019, ruigao and the Institute of advanced materials in Madrid, Spain jointly established the European R & D center to carry out the R & D of several domestic first innovative products with the help of this platform. Ruigao R & D center spends no less than 4% of its sales revenue on R & D investment every year. Its main R & D directions include flame retardant materials, fireproof materials, waterborne resins, etc. it has a stable customer base at home and abroad. Since its establishment, the Institute has undertaken a number of provincial and municipal scientific research projects, and has gradually successfully expanded the company's products from the civil field to the military national defense field, contributing to the support of national defense science and industry.

As a high-tech enterprise integrating R & D, application, production and sales, ruigao adheres to the innovation strategy, takes the Research Institute as the innovation R & D carrier, integrates the wisdom of all scientific researchers, and strives to build the company into a Chinese leader in the international flame retardant industry and transmit China's flame retardant strength to the world.

The specific technical guidance process is as follows:

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